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> …the boards of haples's   tradesmen and now haunt's newspaper's, internet 
> lists' and indeed anywhere that the letter "s" may be found?
> Sometimes there isn't even a need for an 's': the laundrette I go to is 
> resplendent in a shiny new sign reading CARDIGAN ROAD LAUNDRE'TTE. I have no idea 
> why, but I always try to pronounce it with the proper 'click'.

Oh, well *signage*. All bets are off with signage. I've a certain fondness 
for the Mexican restaurant with the sign informing us that the restroom was for 
costumers only (I got a snapshot of that one before somone pointed it out to 
them.) But I think my favorite was the Ye Olde Fastfood Fish place down in 
Inglewood where someone decided to be olde Englishe and use an uncial typface. 
Clearly whoever did it up either wasn't familiar with letterforms in uncial, or 
thought that nobody else was. The sign as it displayed itself was clearly 
hawking "Fish and Thips". 

I suppose the sign *could* concievably have been ordered over the phone by 
someone with a lisp. Rather like the language barrier that givted a local 
Japanese restaurant's menu with a "Dairy Special".
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