OT: some word questions

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 25 20:08:26 EDT 2004

I wrote

> I'm from north Hampshire and never heard the
> word (pikey). My brother and I picked uop the
> splendid "didakoi" as a word for gypsies but 
> Mum, who rightly abhored name calling,  
> discouraged it.

Charlie said

<....... I wasn't aware at the time of its being
a derogatory *word*, although
many of my friends (not me, of course!) were 
pretty derogatory about people
the word referred to, as it were, so it's hard to


Mum's father had a spinal deformity so she knew
at first hand the hurt that comes from name
calling and taught us never to say things about
people's differences in public let alone pointing
and laughing. But I'm not sure that "didakoi" is
a derogatory word per se. However Bro and I had a
tendency to obsess on words we liked, chant them
over and over and so on, so I think Mum may have
been erring on the side of caution (a) or (b)
just found it plain irritating. At various times
we were forbidden to say "Tex Tucker", "Beaker,
Beaker, Beaker......" and "Squidgy Bod" -- the
latter we were especially not to sing to the
Robin Hood theme tune....... To this day the
mention of "banned words" sends us into fits of
helpless laughter while we attempt to say
"Beaker, beaker, beaker" between the giggles.
Yes, we are very silly!    


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