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> >You're absolutely right in all of the above, and I never thought the
> >"Scouring of the Shire" was intended as a direct reference to postwar
> >England - but some of the phrases in that section, mostly lines about
> >planning and permission IIRC, reminded me very strongly of complaints in
> >contemporary postwar English novelists. Or am I making it all up? I'll
> >dig Volume III out and see if what I think I remember is actually there

Perhaps some of the details were supplied by postwar England, but if I
remember right, the Scouring of the Shire was something Tolkien "knew" was
going to happen very early in the writing of LOTR. Certainly it was in
place by the time of the Council of Elrond, with the idea that Pippin and
Merry should go back to the Shire because their help was needed there. 
This may be discussed in his Letters, as it's the kind of thing he was
asked fairly often.


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