greengrocer's apostrophe (Who invented ...)

Ika blake at
Wed Aug 25 07:00:36 EDT 2004

Ven wondered:

> is there just the one,
> with a Father Christma's like ability to be
> everywhere at once,  who began by chalking his
> dastardly apostrophe's' on the boards of haples's
> tradesmen and now haunt's newspaper's, internet
> lists' and indeed anywhere that the letter "s"
> may be found?

Sometimes there isn't even a need for an 's': the laundrette I go to is
resplendent in a shiny new sign reading CARDIGAN ROAD LAUNDRE'TTE. I have
no idea why, but I always try to pronounce it with the proper 'click'.

Love, Ika

*Rrrrrip!* I tore up the [wedding] photos, all of them. Then I gathered up
the pieces - like multicoloured confetti. Oh yes, irony stung. But I
didn't hesitate, I stuffed them all into the bin.
- 'Ring of Truth', *that's life!* 34 (26/08/04)
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