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Wed Aug 25 05:34:09 EDT 2004

> But the whole
> tenor of the series is
> dark -- shades of dark gray and dark tan.
>  heh -- gd thing pj hadn't seen it like this,
> gren gold and white for the most part, bit of red
> slate grey, black and steel blue
> Roger
> =====
> Ven

And *green*! Especially in the first two books. And
night-time/Sauron's-shadow time is black (Rider at the door in frodo's
pretend new home), inky blue (The faramir and gollum at the pool scene) or
deep grey (under the great shadow, seen from the walls of the white city or
on the plains of Mordor). There are quite a few black scenes. Lothlorien is
the prettiest, too: quiet and peaceful, light and airy, with high rafters of
silver-white and fluttering yellow-gold, with bright green grass dotted with
white underfoot. *sigh*.
PS Idle thought: wouldn't it be an interesting task to be the one to go
through something eg lord of the rings and decide the colours appropriate
for each scene? I'm sure they employ people for that sort of thing. But I
suppose you could compile a list of colours that come through at each stage
or scene of the journey...
DWJ's books are so colourful! Most like real life and real people and
interesting things. Tolkien's more for big scenery and beautiful nature and
poetic locations. Both are wonderful in their own way.

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