Tolkien (was Re: Who invented the modern fantasy genre?)

Abe Gross argross at
Tue Aug 24 23:41:17 EDT 2004

I wrote:
  Weirdstone of Brisingamen_. The Garner book had made an enormous impression
  on me, and I have no idea whether it itself was influenced by LOR,

  JOdel replied:

  Not impossible, certainly. I'm inclined to think not. Much more inclined to think that Garner was coming from somewhere else. His books -- or at least the early ones -- aren't in the epic mode at all. They hark back a lot more to the Kipling/Masefield/Just-About-Anyone-You'd-Care-to-Mention model of school-aged children saving the world -- or A world -- generally one accessible through folklore. (Although in all honesty, Kipling's Dan and Una are only cast in the role of witnesses to History.) 

  Good point. Garner is more about children acting within a mythic world than the Tolkienesque myth epic itself. So when I came upon tLotR and it felt like nothing else I'd read, it probably was.

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