Tolkien (was Re: Who invented the modern fantasy genre?)

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Tue Aug 24 21:21:56 EDT 2004

--- Charles Butler
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> Jon:
> > While I can't say i read it when it first came out
> > (I'm not that old) I did read it at the height of
> the
> > Tolkien boom of the 1960s, a  decade before anyone
> was
> > imititating him . . .
> On a historical note, I recently bought (and almost
> instantly lost -- aagh!)
> Lin Carter's 1968 book on Tolkien, in an appendix to
> which he says that the
> only books to have shown JRRT's influence so far
> have been for children (he
> cited Carol Kendall, Lloyd Alexander and Alan Garner
> - a not-uncontroversial
> list in itself); but that he knows of one of two
> people preparing adult
> fantasies in the Tolkien mode, including himself.
I now remember that at the time I thought that one of
leGuin's early SF novels seemed very Tolkienish, and
iirc she aknowledged this herself. It was either
Rocannon's World or Planet of Exile (thinks - will
have to reread both and see how they stand up).
However Brooks was the first to write what can only be
described as a complete Tolkien rip-off, and to show
that this could make you very rich. And here we all
are discussing the best way to kill him.

Jon (who thinks boiling in oil might do  the trick) 

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