Tolkien (was Re: Who invented the modern fantasy genre?)

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Tue Aug 24 21:16:20 EDT 2004

>The thing I find telling is that he says he doesn't think that England is
>suffering malice.  He may have thought that people were making mistakes and
>becoming bad planners when they had the power to put their plans into
>action, but it looks as if he didn't think they were doing it on purpose.
>What really makes me doubt the direct reference, though, is that Sharkey
>and co were not native to the Shire: they were foreigners who invaded and
>took over, and that isn't what had happened in England.

You're absolutely right in all of the above, and I never thought the 
"Scouring of the Shire" was intended as a direct reference to postwar 
England - but some of the phrases in that section, mostly lines about 
planning and permission IIRC, reminded me very strongly of complaints in 
contemporary postwar English novelists. Or am I making it all up? I'll 
dig Volume III out and see if what I think I remember is actually there <g<

Margaret Ball

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