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Deborah said 

But when I read for novelistic pleasure, I'm a 
character nerd.  I want
compelling and likeable characters driving the 
story; I want events
to result from their actions and focus on their 
reactions.  Thus Jane
Austen over Herman Melville, Eddings (despite his

faith in prophecy)
over Tad Williams, DWJ over most people.  :)  
I'll admit that all the Lost Golden Age stuff 
grates on me now, as it
didn't when I first read it, because I have since

met the
pre-Raphaelites and _their_ Lost Golden Age. I 
suspect that both were to
some extent reactions against the "any progress 
must be an entirely good
thing" meme; but "any progress must be an 
entirely bad thing" is just as


Personally, I like the Hobbit and find LOTR 
tedious, though The Hobbit 
holds up better when read out loud-- if I 
listened to LOTR rather than 
read it, I might like it better. But the whole 
tenor of the series is 
dark -- shades of dark gray and dark tan.
 heh -- gd thing pj hadn't seen it like this,  

gren gold and white for the most part, bit of red
slate grey, black and steel blue



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