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Tue Aug 24 16:09:46 EDT 2004

Melissa replied to Minnow...

> The Lost Golden Age theme actually bugs me a lot in general.  It inspires
> me a desire to poke holes in the mystical past, if I feel I have to accept
> that mythos myself.  I mean, what's so awful about the present, really?

That's what I always wonder.  Followed by, if you miss the Golden Age so
much, why not work at recreating it instead of sitting about whining?

> Elves bug me too.  I like Terry Pratchett's Lords and Ladies better.

Definitely.  I'm one of the editors on a webzine and the submissions manager
knows to send stories with elves to one of the other eds, because I hate
elves so much.  But "Lords and Ladies" is very cool.
> >> Terry Brooks should have been shot out of hand.
> >
> >Why waste a bullet?  Ropes are re-usable.
> While acknowledging that casual violence is reprehensible and I would
> seriously consider killing someone, I have to reply:  Firearms are

No, they're not.  You can shoot someone from a distance.  Knives, now.
Knives are up close and personal. :-)

Dorian (who went to college in "Stab City").

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