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Tue Aug 24 16:26:41 EDT 2004

On Tue, 24 Aug 2004 17:39:46 +0100 (BST), Tanaqui Weaver wrote:

>A bunch o' people, culminating in Melissa:
>> >> Terry Brooks should have been shot out of hand.
>> >Why waste a bullet?  Ropes are re-usable.
>> While acknowledging that casual violence is reprehensible and I would never
>> seriously consider killing someone, I have to reply:  Firearms are personal.
>More personal than a noose? How? I thought the closer you got to the doomed
>one, or the more hands-on you were, that it would be more personal. No?

I'm thinking of the visceral feel of the recoil--it's like a long-distance
punch, seems to me, which to me is the most personal form of attack.  This
is just my warped opinion, of course, but I suppose I think of hanging as
potentially more impersonal because the closest you come to death is putting
the rope around the victim's neck; gravity does the rest, and you could
theoretically noose someone without them dying.  Whereas if you shoot
someone in the head (not just aim at them, but actually connect) it's
usually all over but the cryin'.

Can you believe some of the things we talk about?  :)

>I wish Barry Hughart could be fiscally freed to write more books.

Hear, hear.

Melissa Proffitt

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