Who invented the modern fantasy genre?

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 24 14:52:42 EDT 2004

On Donaldson Charlie asked

<Did he add 
anything significant to the
>Middle-earth mix? Enough to credit him with the 
invention of a genre?>

Minnow replied

<Not that I noticed.

If he did, why was his work described when it 
first appeared as being "Lord
of the Rings told from Gollum's point of view"?>

A palpable hit Minnow. I'm firmly in the
disliking Donaldson camp but Melissa did a good
job of reminding me why I finished the first
trilogy (<The poisonous green of evil magic, the
argent fire of the white gold ring>). I have no
idea why I read the second except that there was
such a dearth of fantasy at the time. Since
reading the Sword of Shammara I have had nothing
but contempt for Brooks -- there are dwarves but
not like Tolkien's dwarves, elves ditto but more
like hobbits, a sword that..... oh I really can't
remember but it wasn't a ring. Ugh. I thoroughly
enjoyed reading the first Feist I tried (the
first one with Pug). I read it at the Glastonbury
festival, a sunny one, in between bands and going
to the "shops". I was, of course particularly
stoned........ None of his other books did much
for me and even that one was a disappointment
when I tried to reread. I do have a soft spot for
Eddings. At the time I found the Belgariad
refreshing and amusing, even though his overuse
of the word "little" made me cringe -- little
man, queen, thief, dancer, tinker, tailor,
beggarman.......... Delany's  little assassin
made me giggle but I think he was joking! I gave
up on Eddings somewhere in the Elenium. When it
comes to the foundation of the modern fantasy
genre I think he deserves credit for his
particular assemblage of certain
elements........... and for inspiring quite a bit
of the Tough Guide in the process. 


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