second hand books (was Hardback Hexwood (UK edition))

Ika blake at
Tue Aug 24 14:19:16 EDT 2004

Me, then Melissa:

>>Do you have a stash of excellent books to give away as and
>>when the opportunity arises, Melissa, or is your buying more targeted
>> than
> Mostly the former, although I do often buy books to give to a specific
> person.  My nephew gets books from me via the Thomas Lynn
> Pseudonymous-Anonymous Method because he doesn't like reading what adults
> recommend.  Apparently he has no problem accepting free books in the mail.

What an interesting loophole - so recommendations don't count if they're
in the mail? Or does he not know who they're from? Or, I suppose, the
romance of getting a pseudonymous-anonymous book in the mail would pique
your curiosity enough to open it, at least (or wonder, till it drives you
mad, what would have followed you if you had).


> I have them
> listed with our pretend bookstore in my database (the bookstore we would
> have if we could) so, you know, if I ever get really motivated to start
> selling or giving them away, I'll know what I have.

Ooh. Cool idea.

I tend to read a lot of bad books (and magazines, cf my current sig <g>),
mostly harvested from charity shops, so I get very thrown when I see a
decent one that I already own. But I really should try to disseminate good
books a bit more (alas, my own nephew is only, um, three months old or
something. Four months. Anyway, he's not reading yet and it'll be a few
years before I can start on a campaign of indoctrination.)

Love, Ika

*Rrrrrip!* I tore up the [wedding] photos, all of them. Then I gathered up
the pieces - like multicoloured confetti. Oh yes, irony stung. But I
didn't hesitate, I stuffed them all into the bin.
- 'Ring of Truth', *that's life!* 34 (26/08/04)
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