Who invented the modern fantasy genre?

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> Personally, I like the Hobbit and find LOTR tedious, though The Hobbit 
> holds up better when read out loud-- if I listened to LOTR rather than 
> read it, I might like it better. But the whole tenor of the series is 
> dark -- shades of dark gray and dark tan.

It was reading _The Hobbit_ out loud to my kids that brought out all its 
faults, for me. I suppose this is heresy, but it just didn't seem like the same 
book at all.

Oddly enough, it was the movies that brought home to me how dark the story of 
LOTR really is. I had been reading around the edges of it for a long while, 
zooming through the horrors of the Uruk-Hai to get to Fangorn, and all that, 
and lingering over the idyllic bits. I felt quite guilty to think how much I had 
made it into my own personal comfort read -- like reading _The Diary of Anne 
Frank_ as cozy domestic comedy (which a large part of it *is*). On the other 
hand, Tolkien does rather invite you to take that reading, the hobbitish 
reading, at least part of the time. 

Helen Schinske
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