OT: some word questions

Tanaqui Weaver cen at caption.org
Tue Aug 24 12:45:49 EDT 2004

cut'n'pasted naughtily from the online OED:




1853 .E. R.. in M. Carpenter Juvenile Delinquents iv. 126 Gipseys, romaneys, didycoys, .our people., as they call themselves. 1907 Daily Chron. 5 Oct. 6/2 Making raids on gipsy encampments with the object of getting them to send their young .didekies. (children) to school. 1936 G. GREENE Journey without Maps I. iii. 79 A didicoi..was the name they gave in Gloucestershire to gipsies. 1936 Punch 18 Mar. 321/3 Dappled with mire, By the didakai's fire. 1959 .O. MILLS. Stairway to Murder iv. 37 What's a man of your age and education doing wandering the country..? You don't strike me as a natural diddicoy type. 1960 W. ROBERTSON Shadow of Rope xiii. 131 Them there diddicoys is wholly afeard o' the ma'sh. 1961 Guardian 23 May 5/5 These were the dreaded scrap-metal Didakeis. 1966 Ibid. 3 Nov. 4/6 .Didicoys.the Irish tinkers and other nomads around London who far outnumber the true Romanies.


This seems to knock out the "halfblood" quality. There isn't a definitive 
citation from Romany at all. Does the OED need to be told? Citation time...
supporting evidence will be a prerequisite.

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