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>Nowadays I find their eternal nostalgia for a Golden Age that never really
>was (as far as I can tell from the Silmarillion) a bit trying, but back
>then I just accepted them as Good Guys in White Hats (and probably lincoln
>green tights like Robin Hood and His Merry Men) but with a distressing
>habit of song.

The Lost Golden Age theme actually bugs me a lot in general.  It inspires in
me a desire to poke holes in the mystical past, if I feel I have to accept
that mythos myself.  I mean, what's so awful about the present, really?
Elves bug me too.  I like Terry Pratchett's Lords and Ladies better.

>> Terry Brooks should have been shot out of hand.
>Why waste a bullet?  Ropes are re-usable.

While acknowledging that casual violence is reprehensible and I would never
seriously consider killing someone, I have to reply:  Firearms are personal.

>>Imagine hack knockoffs of
>>_Bridge of Birds_, and shudder.
>oh dear.  Now you have been and gone and done it.  I shall have nightmares.
>You are an *Evil* Jeenyus and Allways Right, Melissa Proffitt!

Why, yes I am.  Thank you for noticing.

Evil Jeenyus

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