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>Melissa, no, you aren't the leper. I think some of us are just revelling
>in the freedom to say anything negative about Tolkein at all; it's not
>safe to do so, in my house.  Violence might ensue.  :)

This is true.  There are some books that Are Not Mentioned in this house for
the same reason.  I just figure, what if there are innocent list members who
aren't as pushy and obnoxious and brilliant as I who think they are all
alone in the world...see, I'm a humanitarian after all.  (Or does that mean
"eater of humans"?  I forget.)  I don't think everyone should love the Lord
of the Rings; I was just wondering where the other voices were.

My favorite part is still the Scouring of the Shire.  It's probably because
I do prefer the human element to the broad epic scale; I haven't read any of
these vast sprawling fantasy epics in years.  I sometimes wonder what my
reaction would be if I were reading the series for the first time now, as
surprisingly many of my acquaintances have.  If I did, and loved it, it
would give me a better understanding of what I don't like about epic
fantasy, I think.

>Also I have problems with names.  You should see how frustrated I get
>reading Russian lit.

I freaked out my reading group by being able to pronounce Ghisteslwchlohm
without a hitch.  Patricia McKillip, bless her, is terrible for
unpronounceable names.

Melissa Proffitt

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