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> JOdel wrote:
>> Within a year we were all in the middle of the go-go-Gandalf 
>> phenomenon.
>> Watership Down generated a little flurry too, but I haven't seen 
>> anything ike
>> it until Harry Potter, and HP has snowballed about six times bigger 
>> and faster.
> Am I right in thinking that Terry Pratchett didn't hit the States 
> *wallop*,
> but took a while to catch on?  In England I think he was the
> One-Before-Potter.

Well, I didn't start reading Pratchett until 1996, when I guy I worked 
handed me _Good Omens_ and told me I'd like it.  I doubted it, but he
was right.  To say the least.

Then it took a while before it occurred to me that if I liked Gaiman and
Pratchett working together that I should try Pratchett working alone.

But there were certainly paperbacks available in the USofA by then,
so this anecdote has no value as a general statement.


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