Tolkien (was Re: Who invented the modern fantasy genre?)

Aimee Smith s4028253 at
Tue Aug 24 06:13:16 EDT 2004

>Tolkein brought us amazing
> things, but vast stretches of the books are *epic*.  Epic in scope, in
> style, in focus.

Ah, that's just what I love.
Epic and Noble, coloured by characters. I guess I am just in awe of
Tolkien's scope and achievement. Unfortunately, while I love characters and
I believe it is necessary to like the characters (Eg I hated Chicago), and
that Characters Make Classics, I'm intrigued more by complex and clever
plots and new ideas.
I read the copycats before I read Tolkien: Terry Brooks was first, then
Robert Jordan. Then Eddings. Then Tolkien.
Robert Jordan got me hooked *way* before Tolkien did. It's interesting to
see how they've both weathered the test of time and maturation though.
Jordan has old claims on my exasperated affection and interest despite
*everything*, but Tolkien has become the wow-factor that catches my heart.

I shan't go off on the Robert Lazy Jordan topic. I might start another
mud-pie slinging contest.

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