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Ika blake at gaudaprime.co.uk
Tue Aug 24 06:04:14 EDT 2004

Charlie wrote:

> I'm from south Hamphire (pretty near the coast) and I too hadn't heard of
> pikeys. 'Didakoi' was the word we used for non-Romany gypsies (I suppose
> they'd be called travellers now, but then there was nothing New Age about
> them). I wasn't aware at the time of its being a derogatory *word*,
> although
> many of my friends (not me, of course!) were pretty derogatory about
> people
> the word referred to, as it were, so it's hard to tell. I don't know where
> didakoi comes from linguistically - perhaps it's Romany for 'wannabe'?

Almost back on-topic: there's a gorgeous Rumer Godden novel called The
Diddakoi (sic, I think) (televised as 'Kizzy' in the 70s). The word there
(I expect Rumer Godden did her research) is Romany for something like
'half- or not-quite-gypsy'.

I grew up in Kent and hadn't heard 'pikey' until recently (on the
internet, in fact, so not sure about its geographical source in England).
I've never seen it used specifically for Roma or travellers, but as a
derogatory term for, like, The Unwashed Proletariat, as a synonym for
'council', 'schemie', 'townie', etc.

Love, Ika

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