Katarina Hjärpe head_overheels at
Tue Aug 24 05:29:37 EDT 2004

> >I'm starting to feel like a whiny outcast Donaldson character.  
> >ANYONE here love Tolkien, ever?  I swear I read that trilogy about 
> >times when I was a kid (except the poetry and the Tom Bombadil 
part) and
> >just felt so swept up in it.  (My friend swears we read it in 
second grade,
> >which could be possible, but I can't believe I was quite *that* 
>I never said I didn't love LotR -- surely saying that *when* I re-read 
>these days I do it following one party at a time rather than taking it 
>the sequence JRRT wrote it is a dead giveaway, I mean who constantly
>re-reads books they hate?

What she said.


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