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I tripped over The Hobbit in college. My college (Cal State L.A.) was in 
those days -- and maybe still for all I know -- was basicly an overgrown Normal 
school* and had a very nice collection of kiddie lit. As well as a number of 
rather nice books about kiddie lit. I'm pretty sure I stumbled across the 
reference then. 

So I read The Hobbit, and wasn't all that impressed, although I liked it well 
enough. Of course this was right when Ballentine was first bringing out an 
American paperback edition of the Trillogy, so i went directly on from there, 
Took me a bit of effort to get into the swing of things after Bilbo leaves the 
reader in the lurch, but once past that I enjoyed LOTR very much (although I 
would like to drown Bombadil swiftly and painlessly).

Within a year we were all in the middle of the go-go-Gandalf phenomenon. 
Watership Down generated a little flurry too, but I haven't seen anything ike it 
until Harry Potter, and HP has snowballed about six times bigger and faster.

* The Normal schools were a series of teachers' training colleges founded by 
a Mr Normal.
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