Who invented the modern fantasy genre?

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> I was seriously put out by a BBC Radio adaptation some years ago, which
> started with scenes of Gollum being tortured in Mordor --  thus giving away
> a fairly important plot-point well before it needed to be revealed, and
> adding nothing except a chance for an actor to do some dramatic screaming.

Oh, I listened to that adaptation last winter (the one with Ian Holm as 
Frodo, no?). I thought on the whole it was really quite good (though I didn't like 
the Aragorn much -- the first time I heard him speaking I thought, "phew, 
Arrogant son of Arrogant"). 

Personally I am still firmly in the camp of LOTR being almost completely 
wonderful. It's hobbits I find rather tiring, if anything -- Tom Bombadil I am 
very fond of, though I always tip this way and that at his first few embedded 
rhymes, thinking, "Oh, dear, this is going to be dreadful," and then, as with 
slightly cold water, I plunge straight in and like it after all. I didn't mind 
not being in the films at all though, as no one would *ever* have gotten him 
right, so what's the odds? Better gone than played by Robin Williams, I say.

I don't find that _The Hobbit_ holds up nearly as well (still a great book, 
just that I now mutter about which bits need some serious editing -- not 
shortening, but tightening and rearranging), which makes me more sure that I really 
do like LOTR and it isn't just sentiment.

Helen Schinske
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