Who invented the modern fantasy genre?

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On Monday, August 23, 2004, at 04:33 AM, Rowland, Jennifer A B wrote:

> I dragged myself through the trilogy a couple of times as it's so 
> influential. Then I watched the films and went back to the books again 
> to see what had been missed out, and found them much easier to read- I 
> think having the strong forward drive of the films in my mind made it 
> easier to enjoy the discursiveness of the book without thinking "Get 
> on with it!". My favourite parts now are the asides, the history bits, 
> the landscape descriptions. I have no plans to read the 5,000 extra 
> books of unfinished tales, though.
> Ursula le Guin thinks Tolkien is a wonderful prose writer - easy to 
> read out loud because his sentences use the rhythms of speech. (I've 
> just been reading a book of essays of hers, with a long one on LOTR.) 
> I often don't notice style consciously, but next time I read the books 
> I might look for that.

I reread LOTR in preparation for the release of the movies.  And got 
bored and annoyed.  Then, driving back and forth [and back and forth]
between Michigan and Colorado, I listened to a complete audio version.
This was lots better.  And I've read part, if not all, since and not 
as annoyed.

With me, it's more me than Tolkien, I know.  There are things he can
do and things he can't do, and it just depends on which strike me
harder any given time.

[I noticed, for instance, that he does landscape pretty well, but there
  are no birds or wild animals [with a very few exceptions] who are
  not involved in machinations of the plot.  Definitely not a birder.]


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