Who invented the modern fantasy genre?

Dorian E. Gray israfel at eircom.net
Sun Aug 22 12:19:38 EDT 2004

Jenna replied to me...

> > I'd agree, insofaras I found every damn' character in that book to be
> > utterly boring and unsympathetic - *except* Sam.  He was the only
> > I gave a damn about.  He certainly had more personality than Frodo.
> Basically, as the book goes on, Frodo slips deeper and deeper into
> crippling depression. Depression is one of the more boring mental
> illnesses to watch. (For the sufferer, it's a bit more like alternations
> between utter misery and complete boredom with the world, or so I've
> found.)

Oh, I've suffered from depression.  I know what it's like from the inside.
The problem I have with Frodo is that even before he sets out on his
Mission, he *still* bores me!  Therefore, I don't actually care that he's
slipping into a deep depression.

> > There are things to love about LOTR? (Sorry.)
> Tom Bombadil. The Ents.

I would like to kill Tom Bombadil, very slowly and painfully.  I hate him.
He drives me up the walls and round the twist.

Dorian (who is so not a LOTR fan).

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