Hardback Hexwood (UK edition)

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Fri Aug 20 17:28:16 EDT 2004

Ika wrote:

><g> Either because I'm not very bright and, having never heard that there
>were two versions of Hexwood, didn't catch your allusion first off (I'm
>used to seeing Lupin referred to as 'the gay werewolf' with no implication
>that the word 'gay' has ever appeared in a Rowling book, f'rex), or
>because I'm not very clear in my expression and it wasn't obvious that by
>"Which adjective?" I was after more precise information about the
>de-pouffing procedure (which Hallie has provided, thanks! - though does
>anyone know why this came about? I think someone Otter asked but no-one's
>answered as yet).

I have now had a chance to ask DWJ about this and she said that an American
publisher got in a taking about it and banged on until she said "OH all
RIGHT then if it makes you so panicky" and they took out the word "gay".
She had no idea that Mammoth had done the same and she's not best pleased,
because for one thing they didn't ask and for another she thinks it's
silly.  The only way she can see for it to have happened is if they took
their text from the American one, in which case can anyone say whether
there are any other small footling changes they haven't bothered to tell
her about?

Next thing she knows she'll write "an old gentleman" and someone will
insist on removing the word "old" because it's ageist.


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