policepersons aka the police

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Fri Aug 20 17:28:22 EDT 2004

Alison wondered:

>Minnow writes:
>"I think the horses are rare enough, in England, that only the policepersons
>(you're right, gardai is much more useful, but I am never sure how to say
>it: "gard-ih"?) who are really determined to be on horseback get the
>chance, so they know they are superior not just to the civilian pedestrians
>but to all the other police as well."
>Why not just drop the "persons" etc. and call them police officers?  Like

errrrm..... 'Cos I was following Dorian's post in which "(see how useful
our language is?  A garda can be male or female, and one never has to mess
about with silly words like "policeperson"!)" occurred.

Generally I'd say "the police", as I did in my last line above, if I
weren't emphasising that there now seem to be more female mounted police
than there are male.  Round here, anyway.

If there is only one of them involved then I can be specific, and policeman
or policewoman is shorter than police officer.


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