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Fri Aug 20 17:28:18 EDT 2004

Ika wrote about finding DWJ books second-hand:

>*though that isn't *all* that common, possibly because they're less
>disposable than the Babysitters Club ones that show up a lot and more
>readable than the Children's Classics (for some reason there is a copy of
>Lorna Doone in every single one of the charity shops within walking
>distance of me) that *also* show up a lot...

For a long time I didn't think a second-hand-book shop was a real one
unless it had at least one copy of something called *The Flower(s) of May*.
I never read it, so I have no idea whether there was a very good reason
for there being so many of them, in some shops as many as half-a-dozen
copies in varying stages of foxing and frayed pages, in a Book Club

Similarly, every second-hand-book shop anywhere had at least one copy of
Mary Stewart's *Thornyhold*, for years, until they started to have a copy
of *Stormy Petrel* instead, and then eventually moved on to *Rose Cottage*.
I think that was the order, anyhow.  Sometimes they have all three, these


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