OT: some word questions

Robert Baker-Self Robert at bloodandhonour.nildram.co.uk
Fri Aug 20 12:25:58 EDT 2004

> Why Pikeys?

It's from Kentish dialect, and is believed to be derived from the word
turnpike, which is a tollgate or a road with a tollgate on it. It originally
was a derogatory term for gypsy (see "chav"), but it's also applied to what
might be referred to in the US as "white trash" or "Trailer-park trash".

It's not a word I use, and it is a bit distasteful.
> 2.  soldiers.  I have noticed several times in the
> more recent Terry Pratchett novels a mention of
> 'soldiers' as something one makes out of toasted
> bread and butter.  Maybe?  What are these soldiers
> of which he writes?

Take a slice of toast with butter on it. Cut it lengthways so that it forms
long fingers of bread about three quarters of an inch wide with a small
piece of crust at each end. Dip these into a soft-boiled egg, with the top
taken off.


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