Jasper Fforde

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Thu Aug 19 20:26:28 EDT 2004

Heike asked

Where did you go to his talk? I went in Bristol 
and I really enjoyed 
it. He mentioned that he is treated as something 
like a celebrity in 
the States. There is also a website: 

I went to Leeds, nice big Waterstones.

Really  Melissa this time

<I actually read _Something Rotten_ this weekend,

by the way, and loved it.
I think Landen Parke-Laine gets my vote for 
Fictional Character I Would Most
Like To Be Married To, aside from all the 
eradication business.  (Jacob just
rolled his eyes when I said this and went off to 
get his leg hacked off at
the knee.  Okay, not.)>

Pictures Jacob in some kind of hussar get up, on
a charging horse, reading a book*

 < The ending was sad and 
quite moving, and if this is
the end of the series, it's a good natural 
ending.  The back of the book
says "watch for the next Jasper Fforde book," not

"watch for the next
Thursday Next book," so I wonder.>

<He said it was going to be the last one in the 
series for a while and 
he has a contract to write two more books within 
the next two years. 
After that he might consider another Thursday 
Next one, but it won't be 
a proper part of the series. I might be wrong 

More or less what I gathered. He said that while
he could have spun it out indefinitely, keeping
poor Landen always out of reach he thought it
better to reach a definite conclusion. 

He referred to getting the backstory books about
Jack Spratt published but I'm not sure if this
was in addition to  new stuff.

* Irrc Jacob once confessed to reading while


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