Wilkins' Tooth jacket

Heike Cappel hbc at cappel.co.uk
Thu Aug 19 13:11:23 EDT 2004

On 19 Aug 2004, at 17:56, Charles Butler wrote:

> For boring reasons of my own I just got hold (temporarily) of a first 
> UK
> edition of Wilkins' Tooth. The author bio on the inside of the jacket 
> had
> some information I'd never seen before, though others no doubt have - 
> but I
> thought it was worth putting up:
> Diana Wynne Jones writes: "I was brought up in the country. Like Frank 
> and
> Jess, I was often hard up. OWN BACK LTD. was, in fact, one of my own 
> schemes
> for making money. My only successful venture, however, was to give a 
> Garden
> Fete almost single-handed at the age of 9. The proceeds were to go to a
> 'charity' made up of myself and my sisters. To our chagrin, our parents
> discovered the scheme as soon as a queue of children began to form 
> outside
> the garden gate. It was then too late to stop the Fete, but we were 
> made to
> send our takings to the Red Cross - which we did with the greatest
> reluctance: they amounted to nearly £3.
>     "I am now married to an Oxford don and have three sons, who carry 
> on the
> tradition. I met one the other day in a broom cupboard, sitting very 
> still
> in order to supplement his income by catching mice to sell. This 
> scheme too
> was a failure."
> Charlie

I have the USA first edition ("Witch's Business") which has a very 
similar text but written in third person and missing the last two 
sentences. I haven't got a newer copy, what does it say now?


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