Onions (was Re: DWJ birthday card(s))

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Thu Aug 19 08:27:21 EDT 2004

Ika speculated:

>I have a memory of Odysseus (in the Odyssey) eating a (presumably raw)
>onion in a boat, possibly after a shipwreck, which keeps jumping up and
>down and tugging at the sleeve of my brain.* I think it stuck in my mind
>because I had an image of him eating it like an apple, and I was thinking
>"But why does he have an *onion* in the boat?" So maybe he was Dutch. I
>think we should be told.

Maybe the Dutch are descended from him, like the Romans being descended
from Aeneas or the British from Brutus (no, not *that* Brutus, another one)
or the French from I forget which classical hero?  That would explain not
quite everything but a lot.

>*The memory, not the shipwreck (or the onion, come to that)

I like the idea of an onion jumping up and down and tugging at the sleeve
of your brain.  In the section labelled "produce", rather than the section
labelled "shirts", presumably.


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