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Maybe something from Dr Seuss? *There's a Wocket in my Pocket*, simple though the idea is, had my six-year-old in a frenzy of discovering rhyming and (thank God) friendly monsters all over the house recently.

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> Jon, obviously quite brilliant, suggested...
> >Sendak's Where the wild things are is perfect as a
> >picture book for monsters, some of his others may fit
> >in as well. Winnie the Pooh for fantastic animals. or
> >as a picture book Grahame Base's Animalia and Sign of
> >the Seahorse (although all of these books deal with
> >real animals - does that count), another fantasic
> >animal book also by Base that is great, and was
> >mentioned here only a little while ago is Truckdogs
> >although I'm not sure if that is available outside Oz.
> >The other children's fantasy classics - the Hobbit,
> >Narnia, the Moomin books etc?
> Excellent ideas all, Base is recommended already for my class on 
> illustration - The Waterhole; Sendak is a set book, and so are the Moomins.
> Robyn 


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