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Robyn wrote:

>I also have one more request for brainstorming. I have a number of theme
>discussion days, where we have set readings, but I am also giving
>recommended readings. I am still looking for recommended readings for 3
>themes: school, monsters (and other halloweeny things like ghosts and
>witches) and fantastic animals. I would love any suggestions you might have
>for picture books or novels for younger children. Witch Week is, of course,
>a set book.

Give them a handout photocopy of "Jabberwocky" with the Tenniel
illustrations that go with it, and Humpty Dumpty's explanation of the first
stanza?  That's got more than one fantastic animal, what with the toves and
the momeraths and the bandersnatch and all, and if they have any gumption
they'll like the playing with words that he does, and you can all have a
lot of fun suggesting what the portmanteau words are bits of and what a
bandersnatch looks like, or the jubjub bird.  What's more, they might be
glad in later life to know where the vorpal blade comes from, and frabjous,
and galumphing.

I suppose poems are outside the bounds, though.  Otherwise I'd suggest The
Wendigo too.

Does Thurber's "The Thirteen Clocks" fit anywhere?  It's got the ghost of
time, hasn't it, so it might be halloweeny at a push, and the Duke is a
monster, and the castle is purest Gothick.  Or the thing that might have
been purple had there been light to see it by might be a monster or might
be a fantastic animal.

Peake's Yellow Creature?


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