Hardback Hexwood (UK edition)

Ika blake at gaudaprime.co.uk
Sat Aug 14 14:35:12 EDT 2004

Otter wrote:

> They de-pouffed Hexwood?!?  Why?
> I have a pouffed American edition.  After wandering into my bedroom
> and checking, I see that it's the first American edition.

Well, they certainly took the word "gay" out: I checked the two references
Hallie gave me, and it just says "the boys from the wine shop". (One of
them does still cry when his dog gets kicked, btw, Hallie.) I have a
paperback UK edition, the reprint probably as it looks very like all the
other recently-purchased DWJs on my shelf.

Love, Ika
And then I hear this voice/ coming from the back of my head/ yep, it's my
brain again/ and when my brain talks to me, he says:
Take me out to the ball game!/ Take me out to the park!/ Take me to the
movies/ cos I love to sit in the dark!
- Laurie Anderson, Babydoll
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