Idiosyncratic Reaction to Merlin Conspiracy

Ika blake at
Sat Aug 14 14:26:24 EDT 2004

Ven wrote:

> I reread Merlin recently and as has happened
> before I had trouble counting the number of boys
> in it. Now, there are Toby, Grundo and Nick (who
> is a bit old to be a boy) and Joel and Japeth but
> every time I read it I think there is another
> one, or there should be or something, and I have
> to keep counting, the Prayermaster's two, Toby
> Nick, Grundo, to be sure I haven't missed one.

There *is* another boy, isn't there? The Magid's son, who goes on hte
mission to get the salamanders, what's his name...

<wanders into bathroom to check>

Oh no, that's Toby (I wonder who I thought Toby was?). How odd. Clearly I
feel like there is a missing boy, too. Mystical Mathematics of Males in
the Merlin Conspiracy... I feel a call for papers coming on <g>

Love, Ika

And then I hear this voice/ coming from the back of my head/ yep, it's my
brain again/ and when my brain talks to me, he says:
Take me out to the ball game!/ Take me out to the park!/ Take me to the
movies/ cos I love to sit in the dark!
- Laurie Anderson, Babydoll
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