Idiosyncratic Reaction to Merlin Conspiracy

Ven vendersleighc at
Fri Aug 13 19:20:12 EDT 2004

I reread Merlin recently and as has happened
before I had trouble counting the number of boys
in it. Now, there are Toby, Grundo and Nick (who
is a bit old to be a boy) and Joel and Japeth but
every time I read it I think there is another
one, or there should be or something, and I have
to keep counting, the Prayermaster's two, Toby
Nick, Grundo, to be sure I haven't missed one. Am
I the only person this happens to? Is it
idiosyncratic or just idiotic? Putting the thing
down in writing I think I may be ciounting Nick
twice, once for his fist person appearence and
one in Roddy's account. However I know there is
only one of her and it's hardly the first time
I've come across this device........


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