Jasper Fforde

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 13 19:11:24 EDT 2004

Melissa mentioned JFf as a British author she
orders from Amazon. I saw him give a reading the
other week. I went with a friend who is one of
the persons thanked at the back of the latest
book, Something Rotten, she's Gillian F. Taylor,
his Westerns expert (she's published ten). he
does a very good talk and, as I remarked to
Gillian, he's better looking than his photograph.
I borrowed Gillian's signed copy of Something
Rotten, promising to keep it away from crumpets
dripping with jam and butter, the muddy paws of
cats and my bathwater. It's very good. Hamlet is
a major character, he prefers to be played by Mel
Gibson. It also features Emma Hamilton, getting a
bit too fond of Hamlet, a croquet game of no
little violence and the banning of all things
Danish but especially the literature. I should
have posted this before his British tour ended
but I do recomend seeing him if you get the
chance and I believe he is in the States at the


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