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Ika blake at
Fri Aug 13 07:23:24 EDT 2004

Tanaqui wrote:

> There are some people who have changed gender
> *once* in fandom, but AFAIK notpeople who can shift back and forth, nor
> retain a capacity to breed (alas).

Depends what you mean by shift gender, I guess (unless the con at Deep
Secret was running random chromosomal checks <g>) - like Minnow said,
there are people who will wear a range of genders over the course of a
weekend (or, indeed, a day).

Does anyone know anything about the con DWJ is going to be attending this
November, btw - Novacon, I think it was? I checked the website and it says
it's a zine con, but since my acquaintance with zines is mostly limited to
fanfiction zines (plus a few comics/music zines) I'm still a bit confused
about it. And are there any cons that the UK people on this list regularly
show up to? (I'm going to ConNotations this October and Redemption in
February, but the first is a slash con and the second is a TVSF one, so
they're not really a good fit...)

Love, Ika

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