OT: sandman query

Tanaqui Weaver cen at caption.org
Fri Aug 13 00:20:32 EDT 2004

> Personally I think it is even more special to have a dedication known
> only to the author and the Select Few and not to just anyone who buys
> the book.  That's what I tell Neil, anyhow.  I mean, *anyone* can have
> an *ordinary* dedication, right?  It takes real talent to have a stealth
> one.

That's not really the point of a book dedication, is it? Surely the Word
should be circulated (posted on the website?) so that the dedication can
be inscribed in many different hands in the books?

Or is this a case analagous to not selling one's jinx?

I have a copy of _Crown of Dalemark_ that counts as Real Fantasy because
it has the Map! (For anyone who doesn't, it is poor token cartography for
the Americalandian market... and the one in _The Spellcoats_ is even more
minimalist and unsatisfying)

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