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> just say, it was EXACTLY like the con that dwj describes in Deep Secret, 
> except without the magical hotel. The hotel had its own oddness, just not a 
> mystical oddness.

You mean there were centaurs, a malevolent bush-goddess and gendershifters
wandering about the place? There are some people who have changed gender
*once* in fandom, but AFAIK notpeople who can shift back and forth, nor
retain a capacity to breed (alas).

> Wow, I have literally just finished Deep Secret when I check my e-mail and 
> saw this. So there are really people like that out there? Dress up and act
> like that in public? Ah, I'd probably do that too if one ever came here (new 
> orleans) but I dont think they have em here.
> -jordan

Is New Orleans as full of Death-lovers as the works of Michael Marshall Smith,
Caitlin Kiernan and Anne Rice (inter alia) imply?

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