book suggestions

Robyn Starkey rohina at
Wed Aug 11 16:17:25 EDT 2004

We actually need suggestions of *books* rather than bookshops. She knows 
Justin; this is not about getting titles, it's about more firm 
recommendations. The problem is not coming up with ideas, but rather with 
compelling ideas. What would you really like to study if you were a boy in 
Year 9/10?

> > Why doesn't she contact the good people at The Little Bookroom in
> > St? They are a specialist children's bookshop and will have advice on good
> > science fiction and fantasy for this age.
> >
> > Judith in Sydney
>Or--Tim's Bookshop in High Street, Kew, which specialises in YA books of all

I would never ever ever recommend this shop to anyone after some of the 
experiences I had with it; including a shop assistant who refused to sell 
me a copy of a book by Kazuo Ishiguro because I wouldn't understand it.


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