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Mon Aug 9 16:04:57 EDT 2004

Maureen Kincaid Speller wrote:
>On Sun, 08 Aug 2004 12:20:29 -0600, Robyn wrote:
>>I went to a sf and fantasy con this weekend. It was here in town, and they 
>>needed moderators for panels at the last minute, so I even got in free. Can 
>>I just say, it was EXACTLY like the con that dwj describes in Deep Secret, 
>>except without the magical hotel. The hotel had its own oddness, just not a 
>>mystical oddness.
>Whereas, by coincidence, this last weekend I was actually at the hotel
>that dwj is describing ... the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool, which I am
>sure at least a couple of other people here have memories of, fond or

The hotel in *Deep Secret* is by no means exclusively the Adelphi,
though the mirrored ceiling in the foyer is taken from that hotel.  The
five-sides-to-a-square hotel is near the railway station in (I think)
Peterborough, and was the site of a filk con DWJ attended in 1992, on
which occasion she *did* walk round five sides of a square to find the
lifts on her way down to breakfast on the first morning. The lifts
themselves, and their unco-operative nature, are borrowed from a hotel
in Glasgow that shall remain nameless, where an Eastercon was held, and
also from a hotel in Jersey that has partially burnt down since DWJ knew
it and been rebuilt with different lifts, thank goodness. The
stair-party stairs come from a hotel in Harrogate, whose stair-party was
vividly described to DWJ after the event -- and the large and beautiful
youth on that occasion would not have been interested in *Zinka*, though
he might have had a passing fancy for Rupert! The invasion of the
kitchens to find whole grain at midnight happened in a hotel in Milton
Keynes (another filk con, and just don't ask why whole grain was
essential at that point) and was made easy because the stairs from the
bedrooms at one end of the hotel went straight down into the kitchens
rather than to the foyer. And Odile the receptionist is almost certainly
from the Docklands hotel in which the World Fantasy Convention took
place, as is the incident in which a fake con badge was needed at short
notice, though unfortunately we didn't have the ability to create one
out of the last complimentary biscuit in the bedroom -- DWJ liberated
the four necessary bits piecemeal and united them privily.

In fact DWJ made a certain effort *not* to draw a portrait of any one

If it had been the Adelphi during the later 1990s I would have had to be
the Hotel Liaison person, after all, and I think it's reasonably clear
from the description that I am *not* Rick Corrie! :-)

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