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Kyra Jucovy klj at
Mon Aug 9 15:34:27 EDT 2004

I don't necessarily have a lot of discretionary income for travel, but I'd
certainly be interested in some sort of North American-DWJ mailing list
meetup, and, if planned enough in advance, I think there would be some way
of fitting it into the budget.  So definitely ideas about this should be
thrown around!  Either (although not both) of the plans already mentioned
sounds good to me.


"So I'm dissatisfied?  I love dissatisfied!  I love to feel there's always
more that I need."
		---Alex Karpanos (Franz Ferdinand), "Come On Home"

On Mon, 9 Aug 2004 deborah.dwj at wrote:

> If enough other people were going, and I had advance notice, I think I
> could make it.
> Another thing I'd been thinking of was trying to do a North America get
> together when Howl's comes out (or is available at least subbed) over
> here.  We had that snazzy map that everyone helped update, and we're of
> course scattered all over the map.  If I were a mathemetician I could do
> a weighted average but eyeballing it I'd guess Minnesota or so would be
> minimum total path length for the collective North Americans, if we were
> all to get together.  :)
> -deborah
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