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Mon Aug 9 14:10:39 EDT 2004

On Sun, 08 Aug 2004 12:20:29 -0600, Robyn wrote:

>I went to a sf and fantasy con this weekend. It was here in town, and they 
>needed moderators for panels at the last minute, so I even got in free. Can 
>I just say, it was EXACTLY like the con that dwj describes in Deep Secret, 
>except without the magical hotel. The hotel had its own oddness, just not a 
>mystical oddness.

Whereas, by coincidence, this last weekend I was actually at the hotel
that dwj is describing ... the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool, which I am
sure at least a couple of other people here have memories of, fond or

And it's still weird. I shan't be going there again. In a dwj-esque
moment, I actually ended up sending each night of my stay in a
different room. I had to be moved the second night because I was in a
room smack over a wedding disco that wasn't shutting down until 1.30,
and I needed to be up and across town, giving a paper at 9.30.  It
took some time to persuade the hotel that I was entirely serious about
being moved.

The porter warned me then that on Saturday night there would be three
wedding functions, so after much argy-bargy at front desk on Saturday
morning (the best bit was that I was told by the manager that I
couldn't possibly expect to get a good night's sleep in a city centre
hotel, which is a load of rubbish) I was moved to another room where,
lo, I couldn't hear the disco. 

Meanwhile, downstairs, it was like nothing on earth that night. A
fascinating social study in wedding fashion sense and concepts of a
good night out. Someone should write a book about it. I will observe,
though, that it was apparently de rigueur to have a drink that clashed
with your dress and that glowed in the dark! Oh, and many sequins.
Many, many sequins.


Maureen Kincaid Speller
Folkestone, Kent, UK

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