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Fri Aug 6 16:23:59 EDT 2004

Tanaqui Weaver wrote:

>DWJ once told
>me in a letter that she was dedicating the upcoming _Hexwood_ to him -
>and that it was a secret. 

The *really* secret dedication is the one for *The Crown of Dalemark*,
which has never appeared correctly, as far as I know, in any edition of
the book.  It has been inserted repeatedly, at every stage of production
right up to final proof, and has always been lost in the printing.

On at least one occasion CoD has appeared with "Rachel" as its dedicatee
(or whatever that word ought to be), but that is an error: the book
dedicated to Rachel is of course *Cart and Cwidder*, not CoD at all.

Personally I think it is even more special to have a dedication known
only to the author and the Select Few and not to just anyone who buys
the book.  That's what I tell Neil, anyhow.  I mean, *anyone* can have
an *ordinary* dedication, right?  It takes real talent to have a stealth

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