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Ika blake at
Fri Aug 6 12:54:29 EDT 2004

Gili wrote:

> So you've got the strings, Minnow. Can't you pull them for us and arrange
> that "loyal fans" who are "influential in literary circles" get advance
> proofs of the book as well? I promise, word of honor, that I'll also buy
> it
> when it comes out. Chances are I'll buy more than one copy.

*gloom* I got hold of an advance proof/review copy of _Merlin Conspiracy_ 
several months before it came out (my girlfriend was a children's book
reviewer at the time); I can't get used to being back among the Common
Mortals and having to wait till February 28th again. *gloom*.

(And we did buy a copy when it came out, of course - in fact at one point
we had four [two review/proof copies, one paperback and one hardback,
though the hardback was second-hand*]. I think the gf gave one of the
review copies to the deserving poor after the book came out, though.)

Love, Ika (who has skipped the Dalemark Quartet discussion as I still
haven't read it - it's now going to be my October treat when I finish my
dissertation and go on holiday... ooh, actually, that reminds me: I don't
suppose anyone can recommend somewhere to stay in a suitably
children's-literature part of Wales? With mountains, sea, and a fair
chance of running into a supernatural entity? Otherwise I'll have to go to
Cornwall and re-enact _Over Sea, Under Stone_, which sounds rather too
strenuous for my liking.)

*I know! Weirdly short life-cycle!

In reality the fish has been concealed lengthways on a pivot in the swan's
beak. In real life swans do not eat fish.
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