Conrad's Fate

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So you've got the strings, Minnow. Can't you pull them for us and arrange
that "loyal fans" who are "influential in literary circles" get advance
proofs of the book as well? I promise, word of honor, that I'll also buy it
when it comes out. Chances are I'll buy more than one copy. C'mon.... pleez
pleez purleeeeez with flowers on top?
(joking of course)

This reminds me of back when I was working for Keter publishing, which is
the company that published "Charmed Life" and "Lives of Christopher Chant"
in Hebrew. We got a big crate of books from one of the big literary agencies
in Israel, and the shipping bill listed an advance copy of "Merlin
Conspiracy", several months before it was due out in the shops. I have never
ripped through a box of books faster than I ripped through that one. But,
alas, no "Merlin Conspiracy". It was naught but a cruel clerical error.


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Aimee Smith wrote:
>Some random blog I just read quoted Neil Gaiman's blog, where he said he'd
>just read DWJ's new Chrestomanci book Conrad's Fate!!!!
>Is it really out yet, or does he get preference, I wonder?

He squeaks excitedly at her on the phone from America at Vast Expense
until she sends him a copy so he can tell her it's Triffic and then
gloat at all his friends that he got to read the new DWJ before anyone
else did.

(Which he's wrong about anyway 'cos I read it months ago. Sorry, Ven:
hate me too.)

He sends her his books at second draft stage so that she can tell him if
he has got something wrong and then he can change it.  She had input on
*American Gods* that way; there were a couple of things she felt very
strongly he shouldn't put in, and he took them out.  He respects her
judgement. So it does seem fair that he gets to read her books early,
in exchange.

*Conrad's Fate* isn't out yet, no.  Someone else already posted the
official publication date.  I can't think why this one is taking so very
long to move through the system; it does seem to be a bigger gap between
completed writing and finished book even than usual.

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