OT: sandman query

Tanaqui Weaver cen at caption.org
Thu Aug 5 20:53:45 EDT 2004


> Oops. Sorry - you were the "someone" I was referring to (we met in 1994, I
> think) but I must have been misremembering or conflating two anecdotes. I
> remembered Tori Amos and you, but I'd substituted DWJ for Kathy Acker in
> my head. Thanks for the correction, and hello again!

Ah, hi! The DWJ/NG connection is there (cue many voices lamenting the
absence of _Conrad's Fate_ proofs on their shelves), and DWJ once told
me in a letter that she was dedicating the upcoming _Hexwood_ to him -
and that it was a secret. <ow> <ow> <ow> He wrote a little thank-you
verse or three when it was finally published and I could breathe again...

(no, I didn't even tell the stones of the road)

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