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> As far as one can tell from the recounting of the event, the first thing 
> she ever said to Clennen was "yes" in acceptance of his demand that she walk 
> out on her family for the sake of a total stranger.

I think you're all selling the cwidder short here. If it can move mountains, 
it can certainly move hearts. Unlike the mountains, however, the hearts don't 
necessarily have to stay moved. Clennan didn't just serenade Lenina and 
convince *her* to run away with him. The cwidder also convinced Ganner and her 
family to *let her go*.   

I suspect that once Clennan developed his sudden crush on Lenina and sang it 
out to the multitudes, everyone in earshot was effectively inside a 
reality-distortion field. And what's more, it probably lasted long enough for Clernnan 
and Lenina to marry (possibly right there in her former suitor's hall), make 
their departure and get far enough away that the Earl did not bother to persue 
her and bring her back. I'd say it probably lasted at least a couple of weeks 
to a month, fading slowly over that time.

Clennan was an insensitive clot to gloat about it in front of her. But, being 
an insensitive clot, he never realized, for all his cleverness, that she 
didn't feel the same way about him that he did about her. He really did love her, 
in his fashion. And he certainly valued her. She and the cwidder were the only 
thing that connected him to his famous ancestor -- who he clearly venerated 
-- and the age of miracles. She was his own personal miracle. And his -- 
literally -- throphy wife.
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